En-Gen Diesel Products – Diesel Driven Equipment Specialists




We can provide the Marine industry with a one-stop sourcing solution for Diesel Engines, Generators, Compressors, Pumps, Filtration and Deck Equipment.

Oil & Gas

We can support the Oil & Gas sector globally with the supply of Engines, Pumps, Generators, Filtration and spares utilising over 20 years experience.


We can provide the Industrial sector with a full range of Engines and Industrial Power Units from most major brands to suit all requirements.

Power Generation

We can offer an extensive range of Generator sets to the Marine, Industrial and Oil & Gas sectors including Rig Safe and Zone II specification.



Parts Sales

We can source Diesel Engine spares from most major manufacturers to support the Marine, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Power Generation markets.

Engine Sales

We can source and supply Diesel Engines to the Marine Leisure, Marine Commercial, Industrial, Power Generation, Construction and Offshore markets globally.

Generator Sales

We can source and supply diesel and gas powered engine generator sets for standby and prime power applications across all sectors from leading manufacturers globally.

Latest News

    En-Gen Diesel Products

    En-Gen Diesel Products have moved into their new premise on Faraday Road in Great Yarmouth. Our new contact telephone number is +44(0)1493 738397 for all your requirements or continue to email us to [email protected] As the company looks to extend the services it provides to our local and global customer base we are now in a […]

    En-Gen Diesel Products

    En-Gen Diesel Products would like to thank all our clients and suppliers who have welcomed our arrival. After years of relationships on both sides in the industries we support it is nice to see that most have seen us as a very welcome addition to the current service providers out there. En-Gen Diesel Products are […]

    En-Gen Diesel Products

    En-Gen Diesel Products Ltd are the Old – New Kids on the Block. Formed by Nigel Haylett and Anthony Hills we both have over 20 years of experience serving clients within the Marine, Offshore, Industrial and Power Generation markets in the UK and Overseas we are ideally situated to assist you with your requirements. We […]