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Offshore Generators

En-Gen Diesel Products are able to support our clients with Offshore generator sets from global manufacturers in the market today.

From the very latest designed products to bespoke requirements we have a supply chain to meet your needs to offer the very best solutions to our clients. Containerised sets include all the latest safety features such as:

  • Platform / Control Centre emergency shutdown interface (ESD)
  • Fire and gas detection systems
  • Engine air intake shut-off systems
  • Double-skinned fuel pipes
  • Certified spark arrestor
  • Certified lifting capability such as DNV 2.7.1

We are guided by our clients to offer them exactly what they require and by working closely with suppliers we can achieve this.

For existing equipment that requires rebuild, we can provide these services through our close partners and provide a cost of repair over buying a replacement set so our clients are fully informed before making a decision.

For all your Offshore generator sales and repairs contact us at [email protected].