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En-Gen Diesel Products are here to assist all our clients with technical support with regard to lubricants required for all applications found within the markets we support.

Lubrication is vital to keeping your Engines, Hydraulic equipment, Transmissions and Pumps operating correctly.

Maintaining your equipment utilising the correct lubricants means you will get maximum performance and return from your products during their working life.

Less downtime for repairs is vital to make your business profitable so we will always advise our clients based on the information provided about what the application is to what environment it works in and where in the world it operates as ambient temperatures can also have an effect on product choice.

As new engines are developed with longer service intervals required and emission regulations changing with these requirements lubricants have had to be developed to withstand these challenges.

Mineral, Semi-Synthetic to Fully Synthetic lubricants all have a part to play in keeping the wheels of industry turning.

At En-Gen, we only provide the very best lubricants available in the market today that are approved by engine manufacturers from brands such as Millers Oils, Shell, Total, Mobil to name a few.

En-Gen Diesel Products are distributors for Millers Oils, who are an innovative company providing only the best quality lubricants, coolants, fuel additives and greases to the markets we support.

To complement the supply of lubricants we also offer an Oil Analysis service which you can find here.

For all your Lubricant requirements contact us at [email protected].