En-Gen Diesel Products as Official Dealers for Marapco are able to offer the full range of Generators available both in Prime and Standby Power ratings, both Open and Enclosed sets that meet CE Certification and Emission regulations.

With over 30 years of experience in the electric power industry, Marapco pride’s itself in being a market leader in the provision of Power Generation throughout the world.

Utilising Perkins and MTU Engines as Prime Movers coupled to Leroy Somer Alternators and the Deep Sea Control Panels you have the leading manufacturers equipment incorporated within the Marapco Generator sets giving you quality, performance and reliability.

Marapco also offer alongside its standard range the option to build a Generator to our end users specific requirements on an individual basis.

Alongside Generator Sales, En-Gen Diesel Products also offer the full range of Genuine Marapco spares to keep your Generator well maintained and fully operational.

TitlePerkins EngineLeroy Somer AlternatorControl PanelRPMPrime Power (kVA)Standby Power (kVA)Download
MP14E403D-15GLSA 40 VS2DSE 611015001314Spec Sheet
MP16E403D-15G2LSA 40 S3DSE 611015001516Spec Sheet
MP22E404D-22GLSA 40 M5DSE 611015002022Spec Sheet
MP33E1103A-33GLSA 4.2 VS3DSE 611015003033Spec Sheet
MP50E1103A-33TG1LSA 42.3 M7DSE 611015004550Spec Sheet
MP66E1103A-33TG2LSA 42.3 L9DSE 611015006066Spec Sheet
MP88E1104A-44TG2LSA 44.3 S3DSE 611015008088Spec Sheet
MP110E1104C-44TAG2LSA 44.3 S5DSE 61101500100110
MP150E1106A-70TG1LSA 44.3 M8DSE 61101500135150Spec Sheet
MP165E1106A-70TAG2LSA 44.3 L10DSE 61101500150165
MP200E1106A-70TAG3LSA 46.3 S2DSE 61101500180200Spec Sheet
MP220E1106A-70TAG4LSA 46.3 S3DSE 61101500200220
MP275E1506A-E88TAG3LSA 46.3 S5DSE 61101500250275Spec Sheet
MP330E1506A-E88TAG5LSA 46.3 M8DSE 61101500300330Spec Sheet
MP400E2206A-E13TAG2LSA 46.3 L11DSE 61101500350400Spec Sheet
MP450E2206A-E13TAG3LSA 47.2 S4DSE 61101500400450Spec Sheet
MP500E2506A-E15TAG1LSA 47.2 S5DSE 61101500450500Spec Sheet
MP550E2506A-E15TAG2LSA 47.2 M7DSE 61101500500550Spec Sheet
MP660E2806A-E18TAG1ALSA 47.2 L9DSE 61101500600660Spec Sheet
MP710E2806A-E18TAG2LSA 49.3 S4DSE 61101500650710
MP800E4006-23TAG2ALSA 49.3 M6DSE 61101500725800
MP880E4006-23TAG3ALSA 49.3 M8DSE 61101500800880Spec Sheet
MP1100E4008-30TAG2LSA 49.3 L10DSE 6110150010001100Spec Sheet
MP1375E4012-46TWG2ALSA 50.2 M6DSE 6110150012501375Spec Sheet
MP1500E4012-46TAG1ALSA 50.2 L7DSE 6110150013501500
MP1650E4012-46TAG2ALSA 50.2 L8DSE 6110150015001650Spec Sheet
MP1875E4012-46TAG3ALSA 52.3 S5DSE 6110150017001875Spec Sheet
MP2000E4016-61TRG1LSA 52.3 S5DSE 6110150018502000Spec Sheet
MP2200E4016-TAG2ALSA 52.3 S6DSE 6110150020002200
TitlePerkins EngineLeroy Somer AlternatorRPMPrime Power (kVA)Standby Power (kVA)
MP13-MP14.5E403A-15G1TAL 040 C15001014.5
MP15-MP16.5E403A-15G2TAL 040 D15001216.5
MP20-MP22E404A-22G1TAL 040 F150016.622
MP27-MP30E1103A-33GTAL 042 B150021.630
MP30-MP33E1103A-33GLSA 42.3 VS315002433
MP45-MP50E1103A-33TG1TAL 042 F15003649.6
MP60-MP66E1103A-33TG2TAL 042 H15004866
MP80-MP88E1104A-44TG2TAL 044 B15006488
MP100-MP110E1104C-44TAG2TAL 044 D150080110
MP135-MP150E1106A-70TG1TAL 044 H1500108150
MP150-MP165E1106A-70TAG2TAL 044 J1500120165
MP200-MP220E1106A-70TAG4LSA 46.2 L61500160220
MP250-MP275E1506A-E88TAG3LSA 46.2 L61500200275
MP300-MP330E1606-E93TAG5LSA 46.2V L121500240330
MP350-MP400E2206A-E13TAG2LSA 47.2 VS21500280400
MP400-MP450E2206A-E13TAG3LSA 47.2 S41500320450
MP500-MP550E2506A-E15TAG2LSA 47.2 M71500400550
MP650-MP700E2806A-E18TAG2LSA 49.1 S41500520700
MP800-MP900E4006-23TAG3ALSA 49.1 M751500640900
TitleMTU EngineLeroy Somer AlternatorRPMPrime Power (kVA)Standby Power (kVA)
MT100016V2000G26FLSA 50.2 M6150011001000
MT113516V2000G36FLSA 50.2 M6150012501135
MT125018V2000G26FLSA 50.2 L7150014001250
MT150012V4000G23LSA 51.2 S55150016501500
MT165012V4000G23LSA 51.2 S55150018001650
MT180012V4000G63LSA 51.2 M60150020001800
MT210016V4000G23LSA 51.2 VL90150023002100
MT230016V4000G63LSA 51.2 VL95150025502300
MT255020V4000G23LSA 53.1 M80150028502550
MT280020V4000G63LSA 54 M75150031002800
MT300020V4000G63LLSA 54 M75150033003000