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En-Gen are now Dealers for the Industrial Range of Yanmar and Kawasaki brands

En-Gen Diesel Products are pleased to announce that as part of our growth strategy we have now taken on Yanmar and Kawasaki brands as Dealers for the Industrial range under the UK sole importers, E.P. Barrus.

En-Gen Diesel Products Limited has just celebrated its first year in business which has been very successful and Directors Nigel Haylett and Anthony Hills are very keen to drive the company forward continuing to look at opportunities presented to us that will assist the company and its clients for now and the future.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer a single-sourcing solution for many of the premium brand products found in the markets we support and Yanmar and Kawasaki fall into these categories.

The three brands individually offer an opportunity to provide an extended choice to our clients both with New Product Engines along with Genuine replacement parts.

We look forward to working closely with E.P. Barrus to achieve the potential growth that we predict the future will bring to both businesses.

For all your New Product Engine enquiries or Genuine replacement spares you can contact us on +44(0)1493 738397 or alternatively email [email protected]